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The Future of E-commerce Solution

You sell. We take care of the rest.

End-to-End supply chain mobile solution for DTC Brands with a Beyond Payment option to expand in new Markets, faster and more in control.

How it works

BLYMP is an Omnichannel best-in-class platform with the ability to reach, transact and fulfill your global orders.
BLYMP is facilitating a way to real time exchange of cash for goods (pay on delivery) with a stress-free innovative solution, keeping track of the cash to pay you for each sale.
No Pick&Pack fees.

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Connect your shop

Connect your cms or e-commerce system with few steps.


Send to our warehouses

We will take care of your stocks, packaging and fulfillment.


Same-day delivery

We deliver your orders to the hands of your customers in 2 hours.


Real-time GPS tracking

Real-time tracking technology of your goods and money .

An all-in-one scalable solution

One fulfillment solution – various benefits.

2 hours delivery

With our last mile express service, your goods are delivered in e record time, reducing the risk of returns

Pay on delivery

Let your customers choose its favorite payment methods and let them pay on delivery, increasing your sales opportunity
Delivery on demand

Let your customer decide for the delivery time with few taps on his phone, increasing your delivery rate

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking for you and your customers of your shipments and cash payments, based on our GPS technology

Easy returns

An automated returns management that let your customers easily transmit returns and receive cashback
Support 24/7

Free yourself of customers support, we offers you full pre-sales, post-sales, upsells, crossells and customer service

Shipping Automation Solution

Take advantage of our connections to power your business

Special Features

Stand-alone services tailored to your needs



A cloud-based software that connect your store to a wide range of multi-geo carriers, automating labeling, picking & packing and returns.


Blymp Cash App

Blymp cash is a mobile app to let your Customers pay on delivery with a low cross-border rates. Cod was never so trusted and secure.


Blymp Marketing

Benefit from our performance marketing program. Let us take care of strategies and channel to increase your sales in paid media channels

Green & Substainability

The future of e-commerce is sustainable and eco-friendly


Co2 free shippings

Shipping sustainably has never been simpler. Our shipping partners currently offer various climate-neutral delivery options. Join our network and upgrade your shipping by going green!


Substainable packaging

The need for sustainability in e-commerce became paramount and we want to support it with packaging solutions increasingly plastic-free, ecologic materials.

Become a Blymp point

as a package delivery or collection point

It is completely free. Increase your profits and circulation of potential customers in your store, with the possibility of increasing your average sales ticket.

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