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Special Features

Stand-alone services tailored to your needs

Blymp Connect

Connect your shop and carriers with one click

Full-integrated system

Seamlessly connect to the best carriers via our pre-negotiated contracts, or upload your own.
Use our pre-negotiated rates, upload your own shipping contracts or combine them: everything is possible.


Discover our powerful shipping software


Get the best carrier and sell more by offering flexible delivery


Save minutes of processing time with automatic fulfill process


Keep costumers in the loop with branded tracking pages and messages


Offer a smooth return process for both you and your costumer

Blymp Marketing Program

Partners and strategies to increase your sales

Improve brand awareness, get more site traffic, boost engagement and build better customer relationships.

Strategy that works

Using SEO and integrated media management, we provide the baseline for creating paid and organic media strategies that drive conversion-focused storytelling around your unique products and services.

Money well spent

We handle all the heavy lifting of making sure your marketing dollars are bringing in business, contributing to greater conversion rates and creating true customer relationships.

Focused on growth

We help you determine which marketing objectives can drive the biggest impact—when, how and where you'll have the biggest payoff to grow your business.

Blymp Cash-app

A Mobile Delivery app to give to let your customers pay on delivery

Schedule your delivery

Customers can choose the delivery time, to get their orders in their hands whenever they prefer

Pay on

With multiple payment solutions (cash, credit cards, crypto, etc) widen your potential audience and let them pay when they receive the products


A seamless returns panel that let your customer manage their return with few taps, followed by 24/7 customer support

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